Thick and Zesty Bar Tape

Shock absorbent, 2.5mm thick, comfy and secure feeling.

Primary material is a special formulation of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate)resin. This material is the result of extensive testing to make sure it has the right balance of strength and stretchiness, that it absorbs vibration, is oxidation resistant, and is water resistant, but does not get slippery in the rain. More environmentally-friendly material than PVC. Its production does not result in heavy metal waste.
Available colors:
- White
- Yellow
- Black
- Blue
- Teal Blue
- Brown
- Kelly Green
- Apple Green(Chartreuse)
- Bright Tangerine
- Purple
- Red
- Rose Pink
- Silver
- Camouflage Gray

More available in the cork blend style


Thick and Zesty Bar Tape

  • Seven Day Cyclist Reviews Thick and Zesty.

    Soma’s Thick and Zesty is nicely tactile. Whilst it looks suspiciously slippery, grip is actually pretty good. If you want greater security, try the striated version. Wet weather has caused no panic,, even over rougher forest roads. There’s no obvious absorption of water, so things remain comfortable. In fact, standing out in a three hour downpour left no dampness on the tape, once a few droplets had been brushed of.

    Shock absorption is decent rather than great - in my humble opinion. Daily driving, no problem, but longer rides and lengthy rough-stuff might beg for greater damping prowess. On the same note, contact with canal bridges, undergrowth, brick walls, and othe potential scuffing hazards, makes the Soma’s price tag tempting for commuting and utilty trips aound town.

    Cleaning is simple. A few suds of washing-up liquid and a damp cloth have disposed of light dirt, whilst a gentle bike cleaner has dealt with greasier stains. A bit of elbow grease needs to be thrown into the equation, but the colour has come back, pretty much as new, in a couple of minutes.Overall, my impression is that Soma’s Thick and Zesty is a decent bar tape at an attractive price, primarily with daily driver, commuter, utility use in mind. My main gripe is the absence of cheater strips, but I’d certainly consider it, esecially for compact or narrow bar bearing steeds in my stable.