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These are just some random email and Facebook comments we get. We tie most product-specific reviews on the product pages.

Soma Fab, SF, CA

Four Somas

Note written when ordering his Grand Randonneur: "This is my 4th Soma frame, and they're all perfoming flawlessly! : )"

John H., Dover, NH

I like your bags

It's been almost a year since I randomly picked up one of your bags (it was the only water-proof bag in the shop), and I love it. It's sturdy, it's big, and it's waterproof. I have very simple needs, and you satisfied all of them.

Garrett, ,

I almost went full custom until discovering SOMA Fabrications

I'm short male at 5'4" and although most bike fit calculators will estimate the frame size for me to be about 52 cm, I've discovered after 12 years of cycling/racing and owning 8 different road bikes of various sizes, there's a lot more that goes into getting the proper frame than just your height. Most bike manufacturers do not offer frames for adults who wish to ride the 700c wheelset with an effective top tube under 525mm. I almost went full custom ($1500-4000) until discovering SOMA Fabrications. The 48cm Smoothie was perfect and at a fraction of the cost ($400). So, what about steel? It's safe to say that most cyclists are aware of the outstanding ride quality that is characteristic to steel frames, "Steel is Real". But, what about the weight? [The Smoothie is] a proven race machine that weighs in at 16 pounds with pedals.

Shawn, ,