Supple Vitesse EX 700c x 48 Tire – Tubeless Ready

The Supple Vitesse EX is a fast and light clincher with a supple tubular casing. Its superlight casing not only reduces rotational weight, but also reduces its rolling resistance and does an amazing job at smoothing out the road. Made by Panaracer Japan.

• Supple tubular casing

• High Mileage carbon rubber compound with all-road tread pattern

• EX is the Extra Wear version with a slightly thicker tread.

• Kevlar bead

• Black or Terracotta tread w/tan sidewall

• Sizes: 700c x 48mm (30-55psi)

• Weight: 410g


Supple Vitesse EX 700c x 48 Tire – Tubeless Ready

  • Customer from BikeTiresDirect

    “I love these tires! I have them on my Soma Wolverine and they are the ultimate commuters. Given the size (and they fit pretty much exactly as 48mm), they are surprisingly light. I figure I would give up a lot of speed for the size but have been surprised that hasn't happened much. They do an amazing job of taking the bumps out of the ride. These tires took my Wolverine from being really good to being amazing. I sort of feel like a kid riding my bike again because it is just fun with these. I can't recommend them highly enough. (And no, I don't work for Soma.)”

    Library Man, St. Louis, MO

Supple Vitesse EX 700c x 48 Tire – Tubeless Ready

  • Monstercross News Tests Out the Supple Vitesse 700x48

    "Supple Vitesse 48’s are a sleeper of a tire. For those of us who grew up wondering how narrow a road tire we could run (19mm is the answer btw) on our road bikes back in the day always have a hard time subconsciously with such as a result. I’ll admit, even when I was first given a set of the samples to see what I thought I kinda planned on putting them on for just a week so I could tell Jim I road them. Was more excited about trying out the samples of the 50mm Cazadero which I planned on putting most of my miles on. Man was I wrong. I ended up mounting up the Supple Vitesse’s and running them for 3 months, while the wider Cazadero’s I had been waiting patiently to get a chance to try sat on the bench. Every ride I was surprised at how well the tire hugged the ground yet smoothed it out magically. Every ride found myself stopping, unscrewing the old presta valve and tapping it a few times to let out more air, screwing the valve back down, clipping in, and pedaling a few more miles then repeating. Every time I did they got just a touch faster and the ride a touch smoother. The only foes of these tires are deep sand and wet muddy trails. The rest? Pretty mind boggling how they handled gravel & singletrack. It would be easy to say volume alone was where the credit belonged, these things are massive compared to the 32mm Panaracer Gravel King’s on my dedicated road/gravel/all road bike. But to simply chalk up the performance to size alone would be a crime as you’d be overlooking some other key factors in the construction of the tires......"