Steel Core 2 Tire Levers

Tire makers have been making beads tighter and tighter over the years to increase performance. This has made it tougher to remove tires and more levers are breaking. Get the tire lever that What Mountain Bike UK suggested that every rider should own a pair.

- Steel core
- Slim, classic shape gets under beads easier than wider levers
- Nylon plastic exterior will not gouge alloy rims or pinch tubes
- We originated the "steel core tire lever" in 2004. Re-engineered it to be even stronger in 2013.
- Available in black, neon orange, neon green, and neon yellow


Steel Core 2 Tire Levers

  • Solved the Problem

    “I was using upper-end Michelins with very tight beads and Pedros were just not working for me. I tried aluminm Lezynes; beautiful, but left marks. SOMAs were the answer. I have had no problems in two years of ownership. Those who are dubious might try the new steel core Park Tools, but the Park Tools do not appear to allow for hooking onto spokes. I purchased a second set for a friend. ”

    D.D., ,

  • From Amazon

    “I've been fixing my own bikes since I was 10 years old. I've used screwdrivers, the old-school aluminum levers, and lots of different plastic levers. The aluminum levers bend too easily, and all plastic levers will break if you are not super careful. Finally, sick of breaking and bending levers, I asked my local bike store (maybe eight years ago) which levers are best. They gave me Soma steel core levers. I've been using them ever since and have never broken or bent one. I don't trust the plastic levers that come with multi-tool kits (they break and leave you stranded). I always carry two of these Soma levers on rides, even though they weigh a little more. (from Amazon)”

    seebeekay, City, State

Steel Core 2 Tire Levers

  • Road Rage Cycling

    As many of you know from experience there are certain rim and tire combinations that are just difficult. Seasoned bike shop mechanics can spot them from 30 yards and may be mentally preparing themselves for the battle at hand before you even set foot before the service counter with your wheel in hand. Some of you will also have a tally of broken tire lever brands and models like myself. I have to believe that these two phenomenon in tandem were at the epicenter of the idea behind this tool from the clever folks at Soma. The steel at the core of the lever adds all the strength and stiffness needed for some of the toughest tire and rim combinations I have encountered. The plastic coating is smooth and slides around the rim nicely when removing the bead from the circumference of the rim - a quality that I think may get overlooked from time to time. And since you will spend a little more for these than your run-of-the-mill plastic lever; durability is also a concern. I have never once felt like I was about to break one of these levers. Although I have only used them on my personal bikes and not in the bike shop service center environment where I became acutely aware of how a Park TL-2 feels just before it's going to snap. More at

  • Cycling News Awards Steel Core Tire Levers 4.5 "Yellow Jersies"

    "an elegant solution to the ongoing problem of tight tyre beads on oversized rims" For the complete review go here. [March 2005]