Champs Élysées Mini Front Rack

Stainlesss steel. Perfect for supporting a bar bag. Rear tang fits to fork crown Stays fit to fork braze-ons.

P-clamps are included for forks w/o braze-ons.

Host of braze-ons for your gadgets.

Hardware included.

Max. load capacity: 10kg

Two versions:
– Standard version fits road forks and some cross forks
– 130mm version fit wider cross and gravel forks, including Enve (this one comes in black, too)

If installing to a braze-on, the braze-on need to be about 140mm from the brake hole on the crown. If your braze-on is too low, you will need to install using P-clamps on the legs.

– Load capacity: 10kg/22 lbs.