Shikoro 700c x 48mm Tire – Tubeless Ready

The Shikoro TR (Tubeless Ready) is a plush, armored tire that maintains excellent road feel. Superb for touring, commuting, and non-technical gravel and trail riding. TR version only comes in 48mm width. Folding bead only.

. • Dense Weave Polyamide breaker offers bead to bead for protection against punctures at the tread and sidewalls

• 4HD casing offers low rolling resistance

• High Mileage carbon rubber compound with all road tread pattern

• Sizes: 700c x 48mm

• Weight: 670g

• Brown sidewall, black tread

• Made in Japan by Panaracer


Shikoro 700c x 48mm Tire – Tubeless Ready

  • Replacing Conti Contacts

    “For years I've used Continental Top Contacts on my commuting/touring bike. Recently I've found them harder to get in my preferred 50mm width, so I gave the Shikoros a try. They look good with my classic steel frame, and for my purposes they're a good balance between speed/suppleness and flat protection. They seem to be a much stickier compound than the Contis, so while they give great grip on pavement, I don't expect to get the 35,000 miles (literally) that I used to get. I have gotten one flat so far in several thousand miles, a goathead that probably wouldn't have penetrated the Top Contacts. But I consider that worth the improved speed and comfort”

    , City, State

  • Awesome

    “Awesome trainer that smooths out the roughest gravel hard pack and rolls well on asphalt and chipseal roads. GREAT grip on loose surface stone with hard pack gravel beneath and on road surfaces both wet or dry. Measures nearly up to 48mm at maximum rated pressure on Velocity Quill rims which have a 21mm internal dimension. Urban road debris is no problem for this tire. The protection this tire offers in addition to the tubeless ability results in making flats just not a concern. Long wearing 800 ish miles and just now wearing little tabs off rear tire. While not sold as let it be noted this is NOT an ice, snow, mud, race day or supple tire. However, a set of these tires WILL will keep you rolling and convertibility get you to your destination without fuss or loads of $$$.l Comment”

    Jin, ,

  • Jay's First Impressions from RBW Group

    “I had Compass Snoqualmie Pass ELs on my Joe, but I wanted something with a little more width and some more puncture protection. I tried the Schwalbe Almotion 700 x 50, but both tires wobbled (one badly) and the road feel was a little dead. I also briefly fitted some Continental Race Kings (29 x 2.2), and while they fit just fine, an MTB tire wasn't really what I was after.

    I didn't find a lot of reviews of the Shikoro, but someone on this board referenced their durability, so I decided to take a chance. I mounted the tires last night and thought I'd register my first impression and the measured width for anyone who may be considering them.

    The tires roll well. I was surprised not to notice a huge difference between the Compass treads and the Shikoros. The Shikoros don't have the incredible road feel of the Compass tires, but I didn't expect them to. They are a stiffer tire and twice the weight, but a short ride on familiar terrain tells me I'm going to like them a lot. No noticeable extra resistance climbing, and swift, smooth roll down the hills. On gravel, a nice cushion and good grip (for a "treadles" tire).

    The rear tire measures 47.32mm on a Mavic A719 at 50lbs. The front measures 46mm on the same rim at 40lbs. For reference, the Compass 700 x 44s--after a couple of months--measure about 41mm on DT Swiss TK540s, front and rear. Lighter riders will run these at lower pressures, so 45-46mm inflated width is about what you should expect.

    I've always favoured all-black tires, but I really like the look of these.”

    Jay Connoly, City, State