Saga Disc (Fully Loaded Touring) [RETIRED]

[RETIRED. There is no newer model to replace this. ]
Our robust Saga Disc frame set is ready to take you on adventures all over the planet, It is purposely designed to ride better loaded up than naked. This updated version now fits tires up to 2.1", but the 700c models will no longer fit road triple cranks. We recommend using touring/trekking triples( ex. 48-36-24t) or MTB triples or doubles, which make more sense as more cyclists go to wider, more sure-footed tires. We were also able to shave some unneeded weight off the frame.

- Specially chosen Tange Prestige heat-treated CrMo tubing; 31.8mm butted downtube and top tube for a stiffer front triangle. Larger frames have slightly thicker gauge tubing.

- Longer chainstays and lower BB add stability and keep the panniers out of the way of your heels. Geometry puts the rider in a semi-upright position that is better for all-day riding.

- Disc brake specific dropouts work with ISO mount caliper. Rear brake mounts on the chainstay, so it doesn't interfere with rear rack or fender mounting

- Matching flat crown fork has double eyelets at the dropouts, as well as low-rider mid-leg pannier mounts, and mini rack eyelets.

- Spoke holder, pump peg, flat chainstay plate (fits some double kickstands), and three sets of bosses round out the full touring spec (See FAQ's for guidance for using kickstands)

- Compatible with downtube shifters as well as bar mounted shifters

- 30mm or (29.8mm) seat collar not included

- 1-1/8" headtube (fits EC34/28.6|EC34/30 headsets)

- Size 54cm and larger use 700c wheels. Size 52cm and smaller use 26" wheels.
Tire clearance for 29 x 2.1" and 26 x 2.1"

- 5.35 lbs (44cm frame)

- Paint: Gloss Graphite


Saga Disc (Fully Loaded Touring) [RETIRED]

  • I just wrecked the kickstand plate on my Saga. What happened?

    We decided to add a kickstand plate, because we've heard of many cyclists crushing their chainstays by overtightening the bolt on their kickstands. But the kickstand plate is not a perfect solution either.
    The kickstand plate is pretty good for single leg kickstands. It is not great for double leg kickstands, especially if cyclists cut the legs long and the rear wheel is lifted off the ground. With a loaded bike that's a lot of weight to carry. Some riders make it worse by rolling the bike forward to help close the stand.

    If you want to use a double kickstand either 1) cut the legs so that they balance the bike w/o raising the wheel off the ground. 2) if you must lift the wheel off the ground bypass the plate and use traditional kickstand hardware for chainstays. Some hardware makers have plastic/foam that sandwiches between the chainstays and the metal clamp to protect the frame, but this is not a guarantee against user error. You can still crush the thin tubing of high-end chainstays if you aren't careful.
    We will not warranty frames damaged in this manner.

  • Saga Disc v.2 Specifications

    - Seatpost: 27.2mm
    - Front derailleur: 28.6mm, bottom pull
    - Rear hub spacing: 135mm
    - Headset: 1-1/8" external cup type
    - Max.Tire Fit:
    700c models: 29 x 2.1"
    26" models: 2.1" (650b x 38mm tires can be used on the 26", but 650b conversions not recommended on 700c sizes).
    - Fork rake:26": 43mm; 700c: 48mm
    - Max chainring fit: 26":52-42-32t 45mm chainline. 53-39t, 48.5mm chainline
    700c: 48-36-24t - 45mm chainline - Bottom bracket shell: 68mm wide, English threads
    - Compatible with downtube shifters
    - Disc brakes: 160mm rotors, International standard mount

  • How is sizing determined? Do you use seat tube length?

    The "size" is not based upon seat tube length. Actual seat tube length is in parentheses on the geometry chart. Industry folks call this "virtual sizing". Effective top tube length, stack and reach are better size indicators. If you don't know your ideal size, please get sized by a professional bike shop.

  • Do the wheel sizes vary with frame sizes? If so, how was the standover height determined?

    Some sizes are made for 26" wheels, others are made for 700c. Please look at the geometry chart for breakdown. Standover is determined using a 26x1.75" tire or 700cx32c tire.

  • Can I sit on my bike while the kickstand is down?

    This is not really an frequently asked query, but it is important to address. We welded a kickstand plate between the chainstays to make it easier to mount a double kickstand, which is really handy when your bike is loaded up. It is strong for what is supposed to do, but it is not suppose to hold up the bike's weight and your weight. The kickstand or the plate will break if you sit on your bike while the stand is engaged.. Also be sure to trim the legs so weight is evenly distributed on the tires and the kickstand. If you can't get both tires flat on the ground, at least get the rear tire down (especially if you are loading luggage in the back)