PortFolder II Front Rack

Porteur racks with their expansive platforms have become a great option for messengers or even folks that carry the occasional pizza or 6-pack of paper towels. Sometimes the platform can be inconvenient in tight spaces or among crowds. The PortFolder's sides can folded down with the push of a couple of buttons.

This revised version fits more styles of bikes and has a load stop on the back.

- Aluminum construction

- Platform: 16" w x 13.5" d

- Adjustable height: Fits tires 26" to 29 x 2.1", but not all fork designs are compatible with our mounting hardware

- Fits best on bikes with 70-73 degree head angle or slacker (Road bikes, CX/gravel bikes, hybrids, 26" comfort/MTB bikes, Maybe some track bikes)

- When folded, the rack can fit some pannier bags. Best with bags with re-positionable hooks.

- Weight: 830 grams

- Video Demo for Portfolder

- Installation instructions for original Portfolder

- Installation instructions for version 2 Portfolder