Deluxe Porteur Rack – Stainless Steel

The Porteur Rack is a great option over the standard pannier rack or mini rack. With its wide platform, it is better at carrying odd-sized and bulky loads like a pizza or box full of kittens. You can strap a basket it and some bag makers are making bags specifically for this style of rack.

- Additional interface with fork mini rack eyelets (If your fork doesn't have mini rack eyelets, you can still use the rack. This is just for extra stability and safety)
- Adjustable height
- Designed for 700c and 26" wheeled bicycles.
- Stainless steel construction
- Mounts to hub axle (can also fit onto eyelets of some forks if you don't use the tangs)
- Platform is 14.25”w x 12”d
- Lower horizontal strut can take a small bag or pannier
- Optional fence available to transform the rack into a shallow basket
- Extra eyelet for dynamo lamp or other gadget
- Maximum load: 10kg (22 lbs.)
- Weight: 2.65 lbs
- Installation instructions(PDF)


Deluxe Porteur Rack – Stainless Steel

  • Terrific and versatile front rack (Amazon customer)

    “I got this rack for my Trek 520. I have a couple of folding Wald baskets on the rear rack that I use for everything. They're very convenient. However, when the weight on the back gets up above forty pounds or so, the handling of the bike suffers. So I decided to get a front rack to be able to better distribute the weight. I also wanted to be able to add front panniers for touring as needed. The Soma seemed to be the most versatile option I could find, so I got it. It has a lot of installation options, so I decided to let my LBS (Full Circle in Florence, MA) do the installation for me. They did a great job, but I can't tell you whether the installation is simple or a major pain. The rack is very stable when properly mounted, and putting some of the weight up front really improves the bike's handling when it is loaded down -- something like 60/40 with the heavier load in back works well for me with my bike. The rack handles front panniers well enough (I use Nashbar Waterproof Front Panniers on mine although they are a tad large for the low mount. But they will fit and haven't given me any problems yet.) I secure the load on top of the rack with a bungee net. The rack is perfect for things that are hard to carry otherwise -- I've brought a water melon home from the super market; taken a pie to work; and carted kittie litter to the town's recycling station. I decided not to get the optional fence for the rack because of the odd lots that the rack carries and haven't regretted that decision yet. I couldn't be more pleased with this rack. ”

    A Reader, City, State