Lauterwasser CrMo Bar

At Soma we love bringing back obscure designs. The original Lauterwasser bars were hand made by English Olympic cyclist and cycling engineer Jack Lauterwasser in the 1930's. We updated it to accept modern 25.4mm stems and mountain bike style grips and levers. With its shallow drop, there is no excuse not to ride in the drops.

- 480mm width(measured center-to-center)
- 90mm drop
- 22.2mm grip area
- 25.4 mm center
- In polished aluminum or chrome-plated CrMo steel


Lauterwasser CrMo Bar

  • Can bar-end shifters fit on the Lauterwasser CrMo?

    No, but they do fit in the Lauterwasser aluminum version. The internal diameter at the ends of the aluminum version is 19.8mm. The Lauterwasser CrMo can fit Dia-Compe DC-189 (ID20.0) Reverse Levers

Lauterwasser CrMo Bar

  • Rider from Amazon

    I've been riding with a set of flipped north road bars for most of the summer and found the lower position very comfortable but needed to stretch out a bit. Adding road drops would mean changing out my shifters etc, and, as I really like the look of the inverse north roads I figured I ought to invest in some lauterwasser bars. Designed as racing drops for old track bikes, these modern repros don't pull you down as far as modern road bars but offer a few different hand positions. The build quality is good and solid and they're very shiny but the best part is the slick look they have. Only needed to make one adjustment after the first ride, tipped them up slightly to get a downward angle on the grips. Shipping was more than a week faster than the estimate.