Lauterwasser Alloy Bar

At Soma we love bringing back obscure designs. The original Lauterwasser bars were hand made by English Olympic cyclist and cycling engineer Jack Lauterwasser in the 1930's. We updated it to accept modern 25.4mm stems and mountain bike style grips and levers. With its shallow drop, there is no excuse not to ride in the drops.

- 480mm width(measured center-to-center)
- 90mm drop
- 22.2mm grip area
- 25.4 mm center
- In polished aluminum or chrome-plated steel


Lauterwasser Alloy Bar

  • How will this bar effect my current ride position?

    We can't answer this definitively without examining your set-up. But if you don't want to increase your cockpit length too much, you might need to get a shorter stem with this particular bar...30 to 50mm shorter. Actually 4 out of 5 dentists think this bar looks better with a shortish stem.