Junebug Bar

Drop bar designed with off road use in mind. Roomier in the drops than the On-One Midge. Shallower drop than WTB Dirt Drop. Slightly narrower than both. 31.8mm only. (To fit a 26.0mm stem, look to the Portola)

- 6061-T6 aluminum
- Width 56cm (measured center-to-center at bar ends)
- Drop: 112mm
- Reach: 65mm
- Stem Clamp Size: 31.8mm
- Width of flats on top: 340mm
- Width at lever mounting area: approx 45.5cm
- ID at ends: 20.0mm
- Drops ("hooks") have a flare to them
- Polished black and silver
- Weight: 300g


Junebug Bar

  • Does the Junebug Bar accept bar end shifters?

    It does!

Junebug Bar

  • June Bug Delight

    “I put a Soma June Bug bar on my newest bike and am delighted with it. All six hand positions are comfortable and intuitive. I am over 70 and can no longer crouch like a racer, so I like the wide and shallow drops. This bike is set up primarily for riding rail trails. It uses an Alfine 8-speed hub with a Jtek shifter on the bar end. Brake levers are Dia-Compes for small hands that I bought nearly 30 years ago. I have large hands but these levers fit the tighter bend better than larger levers.

    Wesley E., ,

  • On a Disc Long Haul Trucker

    “ I've just had them a couple of days and haven't done any long rides yet, but so far I like them a lot. The riding position is very different. Instead of being on the hoods, the 'neutral' position is in the drops, which are not as low as normal drops. From there I can easily reach the shifters, or slide up to the hooks to reach the breaks. It feels very stable. I can stand in the drops and even ride one handed in the drops, something I could not do with my old bars.

    The hoods still work fine as a comfortable place to reach the breaks, and I can still stretch out 'over the hoods' which I like to do a lot. I can still sit up with my hands on the tops although there isn't as much straight bar before they start curving in, as with normal drop bars. So there still are plenty of positions for moving around a lot, which I do often.

    Since these bars are most commonly used as off-road drops, I rode up into Bald Hill park on my way home today and tried out the easy trail. I would have to say they work great. Climbing in the drops was great, but for extra power I could go to the hoods. Descending in the drops was great. I felt like I had lot's more control then when I did the same trail with my old bars, and I took the downhill much faster. (http://bike.paullieberman.net)”

    Paul L., ,

  • June Bug on 29er Single Speed

    “I bought these for my singlespeed niner. Set it up with my BB7 brakes and the Soma brake levers. I got tired of my riser bars and wanted something different. This is perfect for monstercross, drop bars for full niner tires. Switched to barcons to make it work.”

    K.B., San Francisco, CA

Junebug Bar

  • Riding Gravel's Review of the Soma Junebug

    The Junebug has a 31.8mm bar clamp and fits road levers just like a good drop bar should. It also happens to have a good feel on gravel with a slight amount of give. I felt that the drops and the geometry of the Junebug, while slightly different than the Midge, was barely any different in real world riding. The extensions are slightly longer on the Junebug, which is a good thing. As described before, the Junebug is slightly narrower, which isn’t such a good thing for bigger folks. I was fine with this, but I also felt that I wouldn’t want it to be any narrower either. Also, there is the common theme with bars like this in regards to width in that there is only one choice. Love it or leave it.