Juice (29er, 2014-2016) [RETIRED]

This is listed for archival reference. Please look for the current Juice model elsewhere on this site.

- Tange Prestige heat treated CrMo steel front triangle; butted CrMo rear end

- Geometry designed to accommodate a 100-140mm travel fork

- Int'l disc brake tabs (rear)

- Tange Stainless Steel Sliding Dropouts for geared or single speed set-ups

- S-bend seatstays and chainstays

- Optional CrMo steel 29er fork (black)

- Machined 44mm headtube (fits tapered steerer tubes using a ZS top assembly and 40.EC44 external cup lower assembly; fits 1-1/8" steerers using a ZS44 headset)

- 27.2mm post size/28.6mm frt. der./30mm seat collar

- A seatpost of at least 400mm long is recommended

- Max. tire size: 29" x 2.4"

- 135mm rear hub spacing

- Belt-drive compatibility available

- Colors: Brownstone Metallic

- Wt: 5.35 lbs. (15.5")

- Sizes: M(15.5"), L(17.5"), XL(19.5") XXL(21.5") (Center to top)


Juice (29er, 2014-2016) [RETIRED]

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  • What are the component fit specs of the Juice?

    27.2mm seatpost, 73mm bottom bracket shell(axle width depends on crank), 28.6mm front derailleur, 29.8/30.0mm seat collar, 135mm hub spacing, International Standard disc tabs

Juice (29er, 2014-2016) [RETIRED]

  • Proud Third Owner

    “I own a first gen juice, and I'm the third owner from what I know.. it's not going anywhere now. It's become my favorite bike. It started out as my winter work bike as a messenger, became my full rigid MTB/bikepacker, and has even at one point had 32mm gatorskins crammed onto the rims to make it a fun street slammer.. it's set up 1x10, and has the surly krampus fork on front, riding 2.4" conti rubber”

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  • Unsolicited Soma Juice Reviews

    “The Juice is by far the best handling 29er I have ridden. It handles fast sweeping downhills and tight cornering with the feel of a BMX bike, just a lot more comfortably. I think that a lot of the sweet handling comes from the suppleness of the frame which makes you wonder why but in the most extreme conditions you would ever need suspension. Climbing is amazing as it is with most steel single speeds. The ability to run single speed or geared with the sliding dropouts lends to it's flexibility and value. I have only ridden as a single speed. Not a serious weakness, but the Juice is not as stiff in the bottom bracket as many single speeds. You get used to it though and in reality you go just as fast, it just doesn't feel as efficient. Weight is in the acceptable range but it is not a fly weight. I also have a Singular Swift, which I love, but most days would choose the Juice due to it's comfort and more predictable handling. For a race though, it would be a tough call as the Swift is much stiffer and therefore more responsive to rider input. It is nice to have the choice..- BW

    Out of the last 10 years, the Soma has been the best trail/xc bike I have ever owned. It is extremely smooth, flickable and light enough. It rides the way a bike should. It's predictable, it's stable (at speed and in the air), and corners like it's on rails. I'm very happy with it. --RD

    I ride a lot of tight tech singletrack and was apprehensive at first, but this bike the way it was set up was way too good of a deal to pass up. A year after purchasing it I am pleased to say that it consistently outperforms my 26" bikes on nearly every trail I ride. Sometimes the rigid fork is a bit of a hassle but I'm running 2.55" tires and keep around 35-40psi in them so it's not that bad. I'm not doing massive drops on this bike, but then again my setup isn't built around that anyway- that's why I have my P3 with the 888 fork. I love hardtails. --MVS

    it has an awesome paint job, clean welds, and great geometry for fast open riding or tight singletrack woods action. can be geared on ss, disc or v-brakes, very low standover and reasonable weight. it also has a higher quality tubeset than the others, and tons of clearance for big tires. on top of it all the bike flat out performs, it turns quicker than my 26in bikes (i have 5) and makes quick work of roots, rocks, mud, loose climbs you name it. --ED

    Very impressive rolling over obstacles....The 29er holds a line better, and with less effort.... Greater traction in sand... In the last month I’ve cleaned two separate sections of trail for the first time; obstacles I’ve attempted enough and on enough occasions to be fairly sure it was technology on my side...The larger wheels (and new bike) managed to enhance pretty much every aspect of the varied ride I did today. I am pleased. --DM

    I built one up for my girlfriend last fall. It's got a Mary bar and now sports White Bros. BW.8 forks. She ~loves~ it. By the way, she's 5'-4 1/2" and has plenty of clearance and no toe overlap. --IS

    If you looking for a value 29er frame that could go single or heaven forbid geared this is it. This frame has gobs of tire clearance so if we ever get a 2.5 inch trail tire I'll be ready for it! I was blown away at how nice the paint looks. [reviewer had the Spice Red] This bike handles both twisty local trails and tech 5 mountain DHs very well. I have dremeled off my only nit pick which was all the cable stops that were in the way so I'm pretty satisfied. --SD

    The Soma Juice I've built up rails like no other bike I've ever ridden. In part it may be the "confidence inspiring" lack-of-over-the-bar feeling that lets me hang it out in front, or maybe a larger tire patch. I don't know, but the Soma rails corners. (I'm 6ft tall with a 34.25" inseam. On a 26" bike it always felt like I was on top of the bike, ready to go over the bars. On a 29er I'm "in" the bike)-- MJ

    I absolutely love this bike....The Tange Prestige tubing provides a nice compliant ride, not too stiff and not too flexy. It’s just right. I was worried going from a 26er FS to a rigid 29er that my body would be beaten to a pulp but so far those fears are unfounded. As for the ride, one word – awesome. I am clearing obstacles now that I never did before (even on the 26er FS) and I’m climbing a lot faster now too, thanks to the larger wheels. Singletrack is easy, even in the tight stuff. Toe overlap and manoeuvrability are not an issue. Fire roads are a no brainer as it's so stable at high speeds. --SY

    Ride is awesome. Bike is nimble and quick handling. I like the center of gravity and handling charactoristics much better than the Parag_n. The tube set is Tange prestige which is light and very smooth riding steel. My bottom line on the bike is it's a great value. Looking at comparable frames in steel ...this frame is a great deal, just because of the quality of construction and the materials used. --DH

    As for the ride, well, it's superb! Fast, light and compliant, it's everything I was hoping for. The main thing is the geometry, the bent TT just looks and feels right, being fairly short it suits me really well. The Med Juice is a 29er which suits shorter people really well. Here are some pics of the finished product. I am very proud of it and it only weighs 19.5 lbs and climbs like a bloody rocket! --BV [Ed:To be fair BV had some issues with his brake line guides and our inclusion of canti bosses, but this is what he says of his ride]

    "I was a little apprehensive about going back to a hardtail from a fully, but I decided to jump on in anyway. Sure it rides a bit rougher, but the larger wheels and the resilient steel frame make up close to half the difference between my full and my old 26er aluminum hardtail. This bike really does ride and handle nicely. The things I heard about 29ers being slow through the corners is completely wrong. This thing rails. The larger tire contact patch has something to do with it too, since more knobs are able to dig into the soil. I also really like the geometry. This bike has a bit shorter top tube than other 29er frames. For me, that is exactly what I need. Thanks to heredity, I have inherited my father's messed up spine. I need to sit more upright, and the Soma allows that. A more upright stance is also much less critical to climbing than on a 26er. The bigger wheels make the bike less prone to lifting the front end on a climb. --ATX

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Juice (29er, 2014-2016) [RETIRED]

  • Soma Juice Review from Cool Biking Zone

    "All of the properties we’ve grown to love about steel bikes are present in the Soma Juice. Tough but smooth riding. Reasonably light with a snappy feel on the trail.... Over a season of riding the Soma Juice, I had it built up single speed, geared and as a road bike with drop bars and skinny tires. I spent most of the time racing it during endurance events ( 8 hour solo) as a single speed. The handling was solid with the usual 29″ wheel stability at high speeds... I had my best races finishes of the last 5 years on this bike, so this bike holds a special place in my heart." For the complete review go here. [Feb. 2010]