High Rider Stem Adapter 28.6 to 22.2mm

– High Rider Stem Adapter allows use of 1-1/8" threadless stem on a 1" threaded fork (22.2mm)
– 290mm total height. 220mm tall from minimum insertion line to stem cap (revised in 2019, this model is slightly shorter than before)
– Quill is sturdy CNC’d machined aluminum and finished with an alloy top cap
– Weight 300g


High Rider Stem Adapter 28.6 to 22.2mm

  • Best Stem Riser in the World

    “When I received my Soma Quill Stem Riser, I replaced my Nitto Technomic Standard stem with the Soma 'really long stem' on my touring bicycle.

    Pros: Great quality. I've tried lots 'o' stem risers, and this is second to none. This product outperforms the Nitto Technomic Standard stem because it truly allows one to raise it up as high as needed. It's construction is nice, and it has a nice finish. While the Nitto is a great piece of componentry (nicely made, high quality, etc) this is the best for a rider who really wants to raise those handlebars up very high, or bring them down to be level with the top of the saddle. I like the first one so much I bought another for my vintage MTB. Try em', you like 'em.
    Cons: None. ”

    Robert D., City, State