Groove (26″ Wheel MTB) [RETIRED]

A solid foundation for building a classic hardtail or rigid MTB. For "groovin' on a Sunday afternoon" or escapes to the local trails after work. The tough, but supple heat treated steel frame and rack mounts make it an ideal wilderness tourer as well.

- Tange Prestige heat-treated butted CrMo steel; butted CrMo rear end
- Rack & fender braze-ons
- Geometry designed to accommadate a 80mm travel fork
- Int'l disc brake tabs (rear) and cantilever bosses
- Breeze-In style dropouts
- Rigid CrMo steel forks available
(either disc or canti) - 1-1/8" size headtube
- 27.2mm post size
- Recommended tire size: 1.95 - 2.25
- Colors: Capucchino
- Wt: 4.25 lbs.
- Sizes: 15, 17, 19, 21"
(Center to top of seat tube)


Groove (26″ Wheel MTB) [RETIRED]

  • What's the rear hub spacing?

    Rear hub spacing: 135mm

  • What's the maximum chainring size?

    Max. chainrings: 48-36-26T

  • How's the geometry determined?

    Hardtail geometry is based on a 440mm fork (approximately 80mm travel fork).

Groove (26″ Wheel MTB) [RETIRED]

  • Unsolicited Soma Groove Reviews

    “I ride the city/trails of Seoul, Korea and ride 150km+ a week rain or shine. After being jarred to death from every little road bump on a columbus airplane tubed (light, but very stiff) I was looking for something a little less rigid. I did not want FS, so I went back to where I orginally started. STEEL! I could not be happier. The price was right and the setup works well. There is enough give from the steel to soak up the road chatter, but strong enough to keep me planted on the nonpaved stuff. Very nice fit and finish. Super paint job! Light and Strong. Nice to go back to steel. --BK

    i've been riding for 10 years. road. mountain, cyclocross. messenger. everything. the past few years, i fell out of love with cycling. work, home and a lack of passion for life began to supercede me. this frame has brought it back. i hit an old trail i haven't been on since high school the other day. clicking into the big ring, and giving it a few good cranks, and i was moving. the wind was whipping my t-shirt. a light touch of the brakes as i bank left into a turn, coasting around the s bends, i felt free. it was awesome. i didn't think about money, work, changing the cat litter, washing the car. nothing . just riding, turning the pedals on a machine that felt unbelievable. i've had a lot of bikes over the years. this one is the first with a soul. thankyou. -- DB

    I have been riding a Soma Groove for the past 8 months and can't stop smiling. I've ridden several other hardtails and this is by far my favorite. Not only is it the best looking bike on the trail, at the races, or in my garage, but it rides incredibly well and was very reasonably priced.-- BW

    Love my Groove--set up for eastern singletrack. A great bike that replaced a full suspension C'Dale. No regrets. -- DL

    Excellent value, after riding a full suspention for the last seven years, this brings me back to why I originally got into MTB. Simple is better, and steel is real, only 1/2 lb. heaver than ti. -- LP

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