Deco 2 Rear Rack

Perfectly utilitarian, but also easier on the eyes than most racks thanks to its curving lines.

- Tubular aluminum construction
- Bracket for rear light
- All hardware included
- Rack measures 36x14x36
- 25kg. weight limit
- Available in matte silver and black (Note current design of the upper hardware is better suited to attache to frame braze-ons that are imbedded in the side of the seatstays and less friendly to braze-ons that sit on top of the seatstays and align perpendicular to the bike. )


Deco 2 Rear Rack

  • Good Looking Rack (Amazon customer)

    “I purchased this rack mainly for its looks, knowing that others have said they had installation issues, so I was expecting that. I ended up purchasing electrical clamps from Home Depot so that I could position the rack exactly the way I wanted it, then clamping it to the seat stays with the clamps. I used both 1/2 inch (lower legs) and 5/8 inch clamps (upper attachment points) to account for the taper of the seat stays on my frame. The clamps work very well because they are rubber lined and don't damage the seat stays. By doing this, I was able to position the rack exactly level, which is the look I wanted. I also flipped the upper arms around so they angle upwards at the ends instead of downwards as shown in the product picture. This bought me a little more space to adjust the rack so it was level. I had to also purchase screws and locknuts at HD for the clamps. The installation ended up being easier than I expected. The clamps and screws cost an extra couple of bucks or so which was fine with me. Overall, I'm very happy with the rack. I wouldn't hesitate to buy this rack again for another bike.”

    Amazon Customer, City, State

  • Great Design (Amazon customer: Meghan)

    “My husband built me a cruiser using an old Schwinn frame. We spent hours searching for the right components to complete this bike. The style of this rack was perfect and it holds my bags easily. It was easy to attach to the frame, lightweight and doesn't take away from the look of my beautiful cruiser. I am so happy with this rack!”

    Meghan, City, State

  • Good heel clearance

    “This is a great longer rack that helps avoid heel strike with panniers and can even fit larger dutch panniers (like Clarijs bags.)”

    R Write, (Amazon),