Crystal Polypropylene Water Bottle

The Crystal Water Bottle is the only squeezable, bottle cage-compatible water bottle available in FDA-approved food-grade polypropylene. It doesn't add its own flavor like regular bike bottles do.

- Doesn't leach bisephenol-A(BPA) like polycarbonate bottles
- Does not add yucky plastic flavor like many other bicycle water bottles
- FDA approved food grade polypropylene.
- 22 oz. capacity
- Fits in most bottle cages
- Easier to bite spout
- Translucent so you can easily see how much liquid you have left
- Colors: Clear, translucent blue translucent smoke grey


Crystal Polypropylene Water Bottle

  • Excellent (Amazon customer: SG)

    “I like fact that it's clear and fact that it leaves absolutely no after taste and it's made out of BPA free material are great plus. It was hard for me to find clear bottle is similar size and shape at bike stores, sporting goods, etc... Very happy with price & quality...”

    SG, City, State

  • Perfect Water Bottle (Amazon customer: assfau)

    “have been using this bottle for 4yrs...daily rider. never tastes like plastic and never leaks. bought it twice and will continue to buy this product if i ever lose it again! highly recommend.”

    assfau, City, State

  • “No plastic taste! Love the way it grips in your hand and being able to see through to know where your water level is at.”

    L. Charps, ,

  • Finally my water doesn't taste horrible... even after being in the bottle for 5 days. (from Amazon)

    “I filled up one of the bottles I bought and left it in the fridge for nearly a week before getting around to using it... I figured at that point it was probably going to taste pretty bad, but there was barely any hint of flavor to the water at all. I'm very pleased with these.

    The only drawback to them is they are a little stiff so it's a bit more work to take a real draught from them, but that's a minor complaint and well worth the effort compared to the alternative. ”

    Gibble, ,

  • Best so far

    “until i find better, these are the best water bottles i have come across. they look good, are low-profile (no ugliness with logos, etc.), are large capacity (if you need it; i was actually looking for smaller) and come in a few colorways. they do not have the most evil plastic ingredients present (i forget the name of that one super bad one) and are quite sturdy. i only took a star off from giving a full five because they are sold as not lending the plastic taste to your water and i do detect a plastic taste unfortunately (though not as bad as the others. my cohort could not detect the plastic taste, so it probably depends upon how sensitive you are). but for the price and considering i could not find any better (that would fit in standard bottle cages), this is the best.

    a fun option could be getting the smoke (grey) color bottle and one of the other two colors and switch up the different colored tops for a tiny bit of a customized look if you like being unique (or if you prefer to mix and match your own color preference from options given). the price is right to do something like that if you wanted to. (example: blue lid on smoke bottle, black lid on clear, etc.)”

    Daphne, City, State

  • logo free and bpa free!

    “I've been using these bottles for a few years now. I like that they don't leach and cause water to taste like chemicals. The lack of a logo is a plus too.”

    Tom R., ,