Condorina Bar

At Soma we love bringing back obscure designs. This is a bar we based on Italian cafe' racer bikes. It also looks a lot like a clubman motorcycle bar. The 15° backsweep offers a comfortable grip position. Despite the bends, this bar will fit small lights and other accessories. Recommended for fixies, townies, and any bike you want to do a flat bar conversion to. Functionally, it can add a little extra reach vs. a standard flat/riser bar while still giving an ergonomic grip angle.

- Tange Steel
- Width:580mm
- 15° backsweep angle
- 5° downsweep angle
- 25.4 mm center
- Chrome-plated


Condorina Bar

  • What grips/levers is this handlebar compatible with?

    MTB grips and levers.