Clarence Bar 25.4mm

An extra wide cousin of our Sparrow Bar designed for offroad use. Inspired by the sweep angle of the Jeff Jones H-Bar. The Clarence makes it easy to throw the bike around in technical situations. Plus the grip angle feels really natural.

- 6061-T6 aluminum
- 34 degree back sweep
- 37mm rise
- 660mm width
- 25.4mm center (also available in 31.8mm)
- 22.2mm ends


Clarence Bar 25.4mm

  • How much does it weigh?

    The Clarence is built with extra material at the center and weighs 390 grams.

  • What grips/levers is this handlebar compatible with?

    MTB levers and grips.

Clarence Bar 25.4mm

  • Just right (review from Universal Cycles)

    “These replaced stock handlebars on a basic mountain bike. I rode the bike for a couple of weeks, much of the time wanting my hands to be positioned "just like this" - not anyplace available on the original bars. Ordered these along with some Ergon grips, and now my hands are "just like this". Perfect angle for comfort on long rides, wide enough for control on debris-filled singletrack.

    A couple of features/quirks the buyer should be aware of:

    - These bars are stiff, very stiff. If you like your bars to flex away a bit of the bumpiness, these are not for you. Doesn't bother me; I like the absolute positive connection to the front wheel.
    - The middle section tapers gradually to the grip section of the bar. This is presumably part of what confers the impressive stiffness, but it also means that fitting attachments (light, bell, etc.) to the middle section of the bar will require a bit of improvisation - that isn't a standard diameter in there.
    - For those who care, this is not a light bar.

    Overall, exactly what I wanted.”

    Mark F,, ,

  • Fantastic hbars(from Universal Cycles)

    “I bought these bars to convert my Santana tandem from drop bars due to hand fatigue from braking from the hoods. The Clarence is surprisingly light for such a big bar, and is also quite stiff for a 25.4mm bar. The 40-degree bend is a revelation- it's a more natural angle for my hands, and it allows me to use my biceps for better control and for cranking up hills. The hbar is wider than anything I've used before, but I feel an immense improvement in control of my tandem. The finish seemed to mar easily as I installed the brake levers and shifters, but the marks wiped right off.”

    Steve, ,

  • “Since I really began bicycling again a few years ago, I have always "suffered" from tingling in my hands. No matter how I adjusted the cockpit, time and distance always exposed this area of discomfort. I do not have it completely solved, but I will suggest that the Clarence Bar, by SOMA Fabrications has significantly helped. While they do put me in a more upright position, I have found that it is easily worth the decrease in hand pain, neck strain, and my back feels much better once I arrive at work.”

    R.U.F, ,