Champs Élysées 700C Low Trail Disc Touring Fork

Updated version with 3-pack mounts! This low-trail disc fork can be used as a replacement for existing 700c CX/touring frames designed for low trail forks. It can also be used to convert some frames depending on headtube angles to have a front load bias (helps the bike steer better when supporting a front handlebar/rack bag.). Also available for canti brakes as well. Shorter version for road bikes is also available.

- Designed for 700c wheels
- ISO disc tab
- 65mm rake
- 398mm axle-to-crown
- Double fork tip eyelets
- Mini rack braze-ons
- 3-pack mounts for cargo cage or pannier rack
- Flat lugged crown
- Classic curve blades
- Tange Infinity CrMo blades
- 350mm 1-1/8" steerer
- Max. tire clearance: 700c x 50mm - Chrome plated


Champs Élysées 700C Low Trail Disc Touring Fork

  • Review on Blog Cycling + Racing + Life in Atlanta

    “(Dr. Randall put the Champs disc fork on the Soma Fog Cutter frame) Testing it at the Marietta training cit confirmed it could be fast, the first century confirmed it was comfortable, and the unloaded handling was so good it took six months to get around to putting a rack on. There are only the most minor handling changes with a rack and moderate 5-11 pound load. Steering slows slightly and the bike wants to lean a little more but it’s still quick, precise and intuitive. I acclimated to the front load almost instantly and larger loads ~20 pounds create a larger change but it’s the same small incremental differences. At this point I’ve done a 240k ride with overnight touring load, 3 rides 200k and longer and 8 rides over 150k with my average ride time for the bike at 4 hours and 17 minutes. Currently I’m at 4300 miles, 296 hours, 69 rides over almost exactly 8 months of riding. I’ve done pick-up sprints against friends on track bikes and racing bikes and never felt like I was at a disadvantage. The bike is fast enough that it’s just plain fun to ride, with a front rack it’s just as fun but able to carry additional clothes to keep riding when the temperature swings from 60 to 30 degrees as the sun sets. Or a touring load for a quick overnight with friends. Low trail and a front bag is awesome, it deepens the riding experience in a meaningful way that so many other gadgets and geometry tweaks are advertised as doing but in fact almost never live up to their hype. The low-trail Fog Cutter has worked out very well for me. For those looking to try low-trail or expand their stable to include a low-trail disc bike, I wholeheartedly recommend this combination. Riding my Fog Cutter is an exercise in forgetting the bike completely as I flow through the countryside, or maneuver around potholes on crowded Atlanta streets, or tick and tie up a steep gravel climb – the geometry creates a bike that handles as if it’s directly connected to your brain. Low-trail may not have reached the lofty heights imagined by Bicycle Quarterly but I believe it’s here to stay and worth exploring, for many riders.”

    Dr. Randall, ATL, GA