Battleaxe Fat Bike Fork

This is a suspension-corrected fork for the Soma Juice (as well as our upcoming fatbike), it uses a 135 O.L.D. rear single speed hub, it will fit a 26x4” or a 29x3” tire, and it has all kinds of braze ons for front rack mounting. The idea is to replace a suspension fork for loaded bike packing, where you may want to put a lot of weight on the fork for stability, so it’s built super burly.
Using the rear hub means you probably already have a wheel you can pop in there, or get one prebuilt. That way if you want to run a fat front and swap it out occasionally for a skinny tire it’s as easy as undoing the QR.

- 485mm axle to crown
- 135mm hub spacing
- 3 sets of braze-ons
- Forward facing dropouts
- International disc brake tabs
- 300mm 1-1/8" threadless steerer