New Xpress

We wanted an urban tire that was flat resistant AND also gave an excellent supple ride. A splendid tire for the multi-day charity rides. Messengers and hardcore commuters should try them, too.

- HyperTex casing layer - tough like Kevlar, but more supple so it won't ride like a brick. Cut resistant and pinch flat resistant. Smooth inner surface for less tire to tube rubbing.
- Low rolling resistance
- Long lasting high carbon tread
- Black wall
- Kevlar or steel bead
- Multi-lingual sidewall patch
- Made in Japan by Panaracer
- As light as 260 grams (23c Kevlar bead)

Our only tire that comes in 700c, 26", 27" and 650b sizes. Hit the FAQ tab for available colors and sizes!


New Xpress

  • What are the available sizes and colors of New Xpress tires?

    New Xpress 700c Blackwall:
    Widths: 23, 26, 28, 32, 35
    Bead: Steel/Kevlar
    Tread Color: Black tread with black sidewall

    New Xpress 700c Skinwall
    Widths: 23, 26, 28, 32, 35, 37
    Bead: Kevlar
    Tread Colors: Black, Terra Cotta, Cream with skin sidewalls (we will be phasing out the black and cream versions in 2016)

    New Xpress 700c Reflective Stripe
    Widths: 23, 26, 28, 32, 35
    Bead: Kevlar
    Tread Color: Black tread with reflective stripe

    New Xpress 26" Blackwall
    Widths: 1.25", 1.75"
    Bead: Steel/Kevlar
    Tread Color: Black Tread with black sidewall

    New Xpress 650b Skinwall
    Width: 38c
    Bead: Kevlar
    Tread Color: Black, Terracotta, and Cream

New Xpress

  • New Xpress In Bicycle Times Magazine

    I’ve run multiple sets of Soma’s New Xpress tires on my personal bikes over the past several years. They mount easily, last a long time, and provide predictable traction—wet or dry.They do seem to last longer than T-Servs or Paselas, and I haven’t noticed any negative effects from the New Xpress’ harder compound. Flats have been few and far between, despite my predilection for bouncing over railroad ballast, blasting through potholes, and grinding out miles over unimproved roads.These rugged tires feel plenty supple for everyday use. [Aug. '11]