Palma Sutra Silicone Foam Grips

Silicone Foam is a wonder material for the 21st century and the correct formulation of silicone foam is incredible for handlebar grips!

Our Standard 32mm Palma Sutra and Extra Wide 34mm grips are made of 100% Silicone Foam.
- Super grippy with strong vibration damping characteristics
- Comfortable and won't harden with age
- Round profile, no fancy pattern needed
- Stays tight and won't twist on your bars
- 65g and 80g
- Black only
- Plugs included

We also have the Hex-LIght which is a Hybrid Silicone Foam.
- Lighter density - Profile is round on the side your palm rests on and has five flat sections on the other side for your fingers
- Dark gray
- Plugs included