Eagle Bar

This bar is similar to the Jeff Jones bar, but the grips are more angled back and the forward extensions are shorter. You could also use the extension as a second hand position or install brake and shift levers there.

- Chrome-plated CrMo steel

- Accepts bar end shifters and reverse brake levers

- 650mm wide (at bar ends -- c-c)

- 455mm wide (at welds)

- 55° backsweep

- 31.8mm center

- Fits 22.2mm OD brake levers

- 10mm rise


Eagle Bar

  • Good multi-position bar

    “Very comfortable, I quite enjoy the varied positions. The extreme torque on the bars when I'm using the ODI grip portion is great for pedal mashing up to cruising speed. There are a few design tweaks that make these just short of a Jones (I've tried out a friend's before), but for the price I think these are great. Highly recommend for touring / commuting setups....wish I had them for some mountain passes in Montana on my last tour. Best of all, these solved my hand numbness issues. Not working would also solve that, but hey, we can't have it all. Pros: Similar to Jones but cheaper many hand positions tinkerer's dream nice compliant road feel accepts bar-end shifters! mucho torque with the hammer down Cons: tinkerer's nightmare part just inboard of welds isn't useful due to forward sweep front portion length could really stand to be longer”

    Brandon B., City, State