Supple Vitesse EX 700c Clincher Tire

The Supple Vitesse EX is a fast and light clincher with a supple tubular casing. Its superlight casing not only reduces rotational weight, but also reduces its rolling resistance and does an amazing job at smoothing out the road. Made by Panaracer Japan.
• Supple tubular casing
• High Mileage carbon rubber compound with all-road tread pattern

• There is also an SL (Superlight) version that has a slightly thinner tread than the EX (Extra Wear) version

• Kevlar bead

• Black or Terracotta tread w/tan sidewall

• Sizes: 23c to 42c

• Weights: 23c (215g), 28c(270g), 33c(290g) 38c(320g) 42c(380g)


Supple Vitesse EX 700c Clincher Tire

  • from Treefort customer

    “ I was looking for light, supple, fast tires at least 35mm actual width for paved and gravel pleasure riding. These tires fit all the requirements and were affordable too. The previous tires were Challenge Paris Roubaix which measured 30-31mm on my H Plus Son Archetype rims. They have been my benchmark tire. Their limitation was poor stability on fine gravel or sand patches. Otherwise the Paris Roubaix tire was great. The surprise with the Supple Vitesse SL was that they did everything the Roubaix did AND was better on gravel. They are really as fast, as quiet and smoother on pavement. My rear tire has a hop caused by a narrow area or dip, but it could be the tube and I haven't done troubleshooting yet. 250 miles or so, no flats. So far, they have surprised me in a positive way and I'd have no reservation in recommending them. ”

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