Super Everwear 5mm

The Super Everwear takes that long lasting 5mm high carbon rubber tread of the original Everwear and slaps it to the most bullet-proof casing we could find. Comes with wear indicator.

- Significantly stiffened sidewalls
- 10x the sidewall and tread puncture resistance of other road tires
- Extra thick long lasting carbon rubber tread
- Round profile for predictable handling
- Black wall
- Steel bead only
- Color: Black
- Made in Japan by Panaracer
- 23c, 26c, 28c, or 32c


Super Everwear 5mm

  • Great Tire -- Long lasting

    “I regularly take my bike over gravel, cement, pavement, crushed limestone, and dirt and this tire still holds up. The extra thickness is great if you're skidding. I've put a few skid patches on my tire, but still barely wore the rubber down. Also, due to the thickness, small pieces of metal or glass don't go straight to the tube. Every so many weeks I take a close-up look at my tire and can pull out small pieces of glass or metal from the road that haven't touched the tube. If this were a normal tire, I likely would have had flats already.”

    JMB, ,

Super Everwear 5mm

  • From The Pedal Junkie (

    In the nine months since I bought these and had them on my bike, I have ridden over 1500 miles and skid stopped more than 1000 times. And I'm not talking about a little, low speed, short distance skid. I have dragged these tires for more than 50 feet, around corners, on wet and dry surfaces, concrete, pavement, gravel, dirt, grass and probably more that I'm not even thinking about. I've ridden in the rain freezing temperatures and in 110 degree weather, I've jumped my bike, ridden stairs, hopped curbs, and even ridden through broken glass (accidentally) and I haven't had a single flat or puncture. My rear tire has worn very evenly and until about two weeks or approx 200mi ago had no signs of an end in sight, but alas, the end has come indeed. After seeing the wear indicator creeping out from beneath the ever so amazing treads, I kept pushing the limits of the tire and just the other day, while pulling a 30ft skid stop the tire went from skidding to grating as I finally wore through the inner rubber and hit the bead. I was still able to painlessly ride the few miles home without incident and I could probably put another 50-100 miles on the tire before really risking a flat but I ordered my new Everwear and I'll be installing it as soon as it comes in. With everything said and done, at the end of the day, Soma makes one badass tire.