Smoothie SS

The Smoothie SS uses the same efficient semi-compact geometry developed for the original Smoothie. We chose U.S.-made KVA MS2 stainless for the tubing. The strength and anti-corrosion characteristics of MS2 is really more in the league of titanium than other steel micro-alloys. With MS2 you get the road connected feel that steel is famous for, plus but with noticeably crisper power transfer than you come to expect with steel.

- Fillet brazed KVA MS2 double butted stainless steel tubing
- Downtube shifter bosses
- Breezer-style dropouts with fender eyelets
- Two sets of water bottle bosses
- 1-1/8" headtube
- 68mm English BB shell
- 28.6mm seat collar and front derailleur not included
- 27.2mm seatpost not included
- Max. tire width: 700x28c
- Mirror polished finish (Yes it is more expensive to do, but we like 'shiney')
Sizes: 52, 54, 56, 58, 60cm (virtual sizing not based on seat tube)
- Wt: 3.75 lbs (58cm)
- Limited run: 100 frames for 2013 (actually with the scarcity of MS2 tubing we will be lucky to make 100 frames this year)


Smoothie SS

  • What is KVA MS2 stainless steel?

    MS2™ is an air-hardenable, martensitic stainless steel with amazing tensile strength, offering excellent properties, including specific strength and stiffness, toughness and fatigue performance, in addition to corrosion-resistance.

    MS2™ stainless steel bike tubing is produced with patented technologies and exhibits:
    tensile strength > 200 ksi (1400 MPa)
    elongation > 14%
    hardness ~ 38-42 HRC

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  • Why should I get this frame? It costs as much as some bargain titanium frames. And more than a custom TruTemper OXPlatinum frame.

    Depends on what you are looking for in a bike...

    Bike Snobbery: First off having a stainless steel puts in a pretty small crowd. It is probably the material used the least after magnesium. That is because the material is expensive, hard to get, and difficult to weld. If you own a stainless steel frame, you know it was built by a skilled craftsman, not a robot. Don't get this mixed up with 304 stainless steel use in kitchen utensils. These are state-of-the-art alloys.

    Custom non-stainless steel bike: You got us there. Don't let us stop you from getting something custom made, especially if you are hard to fit. Custom is "more special" than off the rack.
    But while TruTemper Platinum is a great material, it doesn't have the longevity and performance of MS2. Also your favorite builder might have a waiting list.

    Value: Yes, if you look hard enough, you can find a titanium frame is about the same price. But it usually isn't built with the nicer tubes and it'll have a bead blasted finish which is notorious for showing scuffs and nicks very easily. We mirror polish our frames, because we like the "shiney". Some custom makers will charge an extra $1000 to polish a titanium frame. If you don't need custom sizing, a mirror polish finish and fillet brazed stainless steel frame for about $2K is very fair deal.

    Artistry: We can probably look at the lovely "stack of dimes" welds of a Moots all day long, but we think a skinny tubed fillet brazed steel frame has a charm all its own. You can't fillet braze titanium.

  • How do you care for a KVA MS2 stainless steel frame?

    General Care Instructions:

    - Wipe down dirt, mud, saltwater & grime after long rides with clean cloth.
    - A mild soap solution can be used for stubborn road grime; rinse and dry thoroughly.
    The Smoothie SS has a clearcoat to protect the decals and frame. If you ever decide to strip the clearcoat off, please follow care instructions on the KVA Stainless site. More detailed info at