Grand Randonneur v.2 (Complete Bicycle)

Our Grand Randonneur bike is a true low trail geometry randonneuring design, which means it rides better with a front load than other touring and road bikes. A solid performing build with a few thoughtful touches including SunXCD derailleurs and Rivendell downtube shifters.

Frame: Tange Prestige heat-treated CrMo

Fork: Lugged crown Infinity CrMo

Wheels: Suzue sealed bearing hubs w/alloy rims 32h

Tires: Panaracer Col D'Lavie 650b x 38c

Drivetrain: Rivendell Silver downtube shifters, SunXCD SXRD34M front/rear derailleurs Sugino XD 701D 50-34t crankset, SRAM PG-950 11-34t 9-speed cassette,

Brake Set: Tektro CR-720, Soma aero levers

Cockpit: Soma Brevet bar, Soma Sutro Quill Stem, alloy post,
Soma Ta-Bo saddle, IRD RollerDrive 1" threaded headset

Sizes: 49.5, 52, 55, 58, 61cm

Paint: Cream


Grand Randonneur v.2 (Complete Bicycle)

  • Don't low trail bicycles suffer from "fork shimmy"?

    Some riders with low trail bikes do experience varying levels of fork shimmy (aka speed wobble) during speedy descents. There isn't a consensus on what causes it or how to get rid of it. Some riders seem more prone to it than others. Some say that shivering on a cold day or gripping the bars too tightly can set it off. Installing a roller bearing (aka needle bearing) headset may help get reduce it. Some say to avoid putting your seat too back or raising the bars higher than the saddle. Others say resting your knee on the side of the top tube during can help, too.

  • Things To Know About Riding A Low Trail Randonneuring Bike

    There are growing ranks of cyclists who prefer a low trail bike, primarily because of the way it handles with a medium front load like a handlebar bag. The Grand Randonneur and bikes like it has a fork offset 20mm or more than the average road bike. When carry a load up front the bke responds less to the weight of the bag while steering. Riding the bike without a load takes getting used to if you are coming from a conventional (mid trail) road bike or mountain bike.
    The Grand Randonneur uses lighter tubing than our other road bikes and a fork with a more pronounced bend to create a more comfortable ride over long distances. Because of that and the low trail design, we don't recommend it for fully loaded touring. It is a performance bike designed for carrying a light to medium front load in relative comfort over long distances.

    A low trail bike is not necessarily a great fit for every rider and their bike needs

    These observations from Bicycle Quarterly and others may help you determine if you want to try it out and help fine tune the ride of your bike.

    1) Low trail bikes ride best with tires at least 36mm wide and preferably at lower tire pressure (55-60psi). Some claim 42mm is ideal

    2) Low trail bikes handle differently than most bikes you've tried. It may take one long ride to get used to it or weeks or months – depends on the rider.

    3) Without a load in front the steering feels light especially at low speeds. You can put on panniers or a loaded saddle bag on it, but the ride quality won't be as good.