C-Line 700c x 38mm Tire

A light and supple riding, roomy 700c tire for randonneuring, touring or commuting. All-weather tread sheds water well. Same tread pattern as the New Xpress but w/o the HyperTex casing.
- 700 x 38c
- Black or Terracotta tread with Skinwall
- Kevlar bead
- 400 grams
- Made in Japan by Panaracer


C-Line 700c x 38mm Tire

  • Doug Switches to C-Lines

    “ 11/2/13 Today's mail brought good news in the form of a pair of the new Soma C line 700 x 38c tires (http://store.oceanaircycles.com/products/soma-c-line-tire-700c-x-38mm) from Ocean Air Cycles. I had ordered these on the pre-sale a few weeks ago & have been looking forward to trying them out. These will replace my trusty Schwalbes for everyday use, although I'll likely revert for loaded tours.

    First, they mounted easily without tools or talc on the Mavic A-719 rims on my Atlantis, and were straight & true. At 60 psi, they measure 37 mm actual width, immediately after mounting, so I expect them to grow to their spec'd 38 mm with some time at pressure. Nothing left to do except wheel out the door & give 'em a try.

    What a difference in ride quality from what I've grown accustomed to! These really are nice riding tires. A short spin of about 20 miles is all I had time for but plenty of railroad tracks & crappy pavement showed them to be quite comfortable. The lighter weight (claimed 400 grams) means they accelerate away from stops & climb hills noticeably better. Just all around a more fun ride!

    The big test will be flat resistance and my lack of patience in dealing with that issue. OTH, that could be a character building experience :-).”

    Doug P., ,

  • C-Line First Impressions

    “I've also mounted a set of C lines. On Dyads they mounted easily, straight and true and measure 37mm at 65#. I have about 40 miles on them so far and I must say they are quite comfortable and do well at smoothing out our chronically winter damaged roads here in central NY. The fender line is a bit tight under the VO fenders I am running on the Hilsen but there still is a bit of room still for some fiddling. Here's a pic: http://tinyurl.com/mzste9c”

    John P., ,